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iPirate: Pirate Insult Generator

4.6 ( 276 ratings )
エンターテインメント 教育
開発者 BlindSpot LLC
0.99 USD


(Warning: Contents become hilarious when inebriated)

Yarr...YARR...*ahem* sorry I had something in my throat. Why HELLO there fellow parrot sniffing hornswaggles! Have you been fighting the urge to shout demeaning names at your friends witha pirate vernacular? Well stop fighting! With iPirate from Taco Apps™ (Mmm.. Tacos) you can terrorize all of the unsuspecting children and ninjas you please!! AH HA! AHAHAHA *ahem*...

Download it. Now.


-Wicked cool piratey words
-Over 600 insult possibilities
-Includes copious amounts of cool
-Full-sized train set! (purchased seperately)